We Are Customer-Focused

The industry of business analytics has become a little cut-throat for our tastes. Partners are competitive rather than collaborative and regularly over-sell and under-deliver to customers.

At iCOMP we are determined not to get caught up in some of the customer-unfriendly practices that have become commonplace in the industry.
We vow to remain focussed on the core values that got us into Analytics in the first place: the opportunity to create value for businesses through data insight.

It’s the thrill of this pursuit that got us into the game, and it’s what keeps us here. Everything else is just whitenoise.

We Have The Experience

We have been in the game for 20 years and we’re still innovating. iCOMP never rests in pursuit of improving and delivering more value for our customers.

Let’s be honest, the temptation for services companies is to allow tools and processes to stagnate, as there is no benefit in shortening implementation cycles when you implement a
man-day charging model.

iCOMP has been innovating for 20 years and continue to do so. We have invested in scrutinizing our process and tools to shorten implementation times and squeeze every ounce of value FOR our customers. This innovation has culminated in the iCOMP Adaptive Modelling Methodology Process, our ever-evolving but all-encompassing “bible” of Business Analytics Methodology.

We Are Your Trusted Coaches

iCOMP approaches analytics consulting differently from a classical consultancy.

Instead of implementing projects on a stand-alone basis, we consider the entirety of your analytics experience across the organization and how systems, departments, and people interact.

We’re always ready to assist you at any given moment, but we don’t want you to be dependent on us to get critical tasks done.

You may have heard the old mantra, “Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day. Teach him how to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime!”

In keeping with this, we take a coaching approach to every implementation — if it CAN be done by your internal staff, we’ll make sure it is. We’ll always opt to upskill your internal team wherever practical.

We Are Agile

It has become a tendency in most IT projects to lock down requirements at the beginning of a project and rigidly adhere to them even in the face of changing business requirements. This practice benefits the consulting company but not the customer.

However, IT methodology has progressed a lot since the days of the waterfall development cycle — business analytics consulting in many cases has just not kept with the times.

iCOMP recognize that business is fluid by nature, so have adaptation and change built into our fundamental implementation processes.

We have embraced the very best of Agile methodologies to ensure that the solution we build is the solution you need.

We Are Collaborative

Many business analytics consultancies are closed and protective of their intellectual property.

iCOMP believes in collaborative partnerships and open sharing of innovation to move the entire industry ahead.

We have made many collaborative partnerships around the world to ensure we’re always making available the best tools and techniques to customers. Approaching all our business dealings as win-wins, we make sure we provide value to our partners, as we believe it benefits the industry as a whole.

We run an honest business with integrity and transparency, so you never need to worry if you’re getting value. We’re not satisfied until you’re nothing short of delighted with the value you receive.