Optimized Thinking

Business Analytics companies all espouse the benefits of optimizing processes and gaining data insight, but have they ever directed their core competencies inward?

iCOMP stands for more than just servicing our clients’ requirements with technical solutions. We are just as interested in the journey as we are in the destination.

We have infused our motto “challenge convention” into every aspect of what we do. From gathering requirements and writing code, to presenting visualizations and interacting with customers, we have scrutinized conventional wisdoms to come up with an optimized end-to-end process.

We even manage to have fun doing it!

Actionable Insight

The entire premise of business analytics comes from the revelation that data needs to be transformed and presented visually to provide true insight. However, sometimes in the implementation of this idea, the ultimate goal gets buried under the weight of the technical expertise required to achieve it.

At iCOMP, we’re all about Actionable Insight. Sure, we help you solve all your data problems with state of the art tools, but we see that as only half the job.

We also help you understand your data in practical and applicable ways, and we’ll stick with you until the end to ensure you gain maximum benefit from your investment.

Adaptive Methodology

The culmination of decades of experience, research, empassioned discussion and nerdy obsession, iCOMP’s Adaptive Methodology is what enables us to do what we do better than any other company in the industry.

True process optimization lives in the details, and Adaptive is no exception. We have identified hundreds of key points and brainstormed each one for even small gains in efficiency.

From simple naming to understanding human visual perception and learning, we have left no stone unturned and taken nothing for granted.

Accessible Communication

What value is an expert team if they can’t communicate and disseminate their ideas? In an industry saturated with jargon, buzzwords and business-speak, sometimes it’s difficult to speak plainly in ways people truly understand.

Our team is acutely aware of this, and have made good communication the cornerstone of our implementation strategy.

At iCOMP, we’ll skip the baffling business speak and give you practical, realistic and measurable results.