Pick List is used to validate data typed into cell against a set of predefined elements. These elements can be based on static list or from dimension subset.

Using Performance Modeler, Pick List can be defined in dimension editor for calculation dimension

The syntax for a pick list is:

  • static:<list of values>
  • dimension:<dimensionname>
  • subset:<dimensionname>:<subsetname>

Before creating Pick List, ensure model design pane display is by free-form folder, you can change the view by clicking 88 icon on top right.


Double click on the dimension. Click on 52 icon to edit.


It will open up a new window, for static list type in the values using syntax above. For Dimension or Subset, you can click on 52 icon to browse.


It will open up a new window. Select the dimension / subset.



The result in a view.